Common FAQ's

Q. What is water casting

A. Water casting is a process by which you melt metal with a torch in a ceramic dish called a crucible. Once the metal becomes liquefied it can be poured into various elements (I choose water) to cool and form organic shapes.  I also use sea shells in the water to help move and "influence" the shape of the cooling metal. That piece of metal is then formed further by filing, sawing, etc. to make the base piece that I use in creating my water cast jewelry designs.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. The raw materials inspire my designs.  I never start a piece with any idea of how the finished piece will look, I only know I am making a pendant, ring or a pair of earrings. Whatever medium I start with, (metal or gemstone) guides how the piece is created. I feel my process is very organic and ultimately the material "tells me" how it should best be displayed.

Q. How do you choose your materials?

A. The color and shape of the materials are what draws me to them most.  Irregular shapes in metals and colors in gemstones with inclusions not clarity really catch my eye.  Intrigue in imperfection is what is perfection to me.  

Q. How long before my purchase ships?

A. Most orders will be mailed the Saturday after the order has been placed, but could be mailed sooner.  Once the package is shipped, a notification email will be sent. Please see the policies page for more shipping information.